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PMI Most Desired Benefit For Employees – Study Finds

In Employee Benefits, Individual, Insurance by Paul Connolly

A new survey has revealed that a significant proportion of employees want Private Medical Insurance (PMI) added to their workplace benefits programme. According to the poll by employee services business Personal Group, four in 10 (40%) employees indicated that they would like to see PMI offered as part of their benefits package, making it the most desired benefit. Discounted gym …

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What Does The Average Brit’s Ideal Job Look Like?

In Business, Employee Benefits, Industry News by Paul Connolly

If you could pick and choose workplace benefits, job perks, even your salary, what would your ideal job look like? That’s one of the key questions a new survey conducted by CV-Library set out to answer. As we informed you earlier this month, wellbeing products are becoming more popular among employees, with UK workers spending around £174 per month, on …

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5 Tips To Help You Get Through Dry January

In Family, Individual by Paul Connolly

If you (and your liver) are feeling a little worse for wear following the inevitable alcoholic overindulgence you experienced during the festive period, Dry January couldn’t have come soon enough. A time when many people take a break from the booze and ditch alcohol completely during the first month of the New Year has become nothing short of an annual …

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People With Diabetes Up To 4x More Likely To Die Of Heart Failure

In Family, Individual, Industry News, Protection by Paul Connolly

As If Living With Diabetes Wasn’t Difficult Enough: Study Finds Patients Significantly More At Risk Of Heart Failure. Living with type 1 diabetes is tough. Individuals with the complicated, serious, lifelong condition have to keep a close eye on their blood sugar levels and inject themselves with insulin because their bodies cannot produce the hormone naturally. Failure to stay on …

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Would Incentives Encourage You To Do More Physical Activity?

In Family, Individual, Industry News, Insurance by Paul Connolly

Could the shared-value insurance model and wearable fitness gadgets have a profound impact on people in the UK’s physical activity levels? A ground-breaking new study from an independent research institute suggests they might. According to RAND Europe’s latest Incentives and Physical Activity report – the largest of its kind based on verified data – using Vitality Activity Rewards combined with …

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Is Protecting Your Phone More Important Than Protecting Your Family?

In Family, Individual, Insurance by Paul Connolly

Do you automatically take out insurance every time you buy a new mobile phone? What about your pets – are they insured too? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, then you already know about the importance of insurance for safeguarding your possessions and furry friends. But what about protection for your family? Do you have a safety …

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People With Arthritis Missing Out On Workplace Support

In Business, Individual, Protection by Paul Connolly

A leading arthritis charity has warned that many people with arthritis or related conditions are being forced out of work because they are not getting the support they need from their employers. According to a poll by Versus Arthritis – a charity that was recently created by the merger of Arthritis Research UK and Arthritis Care – more than a …

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Why Probiotics Might Not Help Your Gut & Could Actually Do Harm

In Family, Industry News by Paul Connolly

Probiotics – drinks and foods that contain so-called ‘good bacteria’ – have become a staple part of many people’s diets. The belief is that they afford a number of health benefits and help boost the operation of the gut. But new research from Israel not only suggests that probiotics are “quite useless,” but they could actually do some people harm. …

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Checking Emails After Work Is Bad For Both You And Your Partner

In In The Press, Individual, Industry News by Paul Connolly

People today are more connected than ever, what with their smartphones/tablets and fast mobile data connections. Couple this with the busy working lives most lead and the always-on work culture that’s become almost expected in most organisations, and it’s easy to see why so many people regularly check their work emails in the evenings. But while it’s a practise that …