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How Employers Can Better Support Their Employees’ Financial Health & Wellbeing

In Employee Benefits, Health and Wellness, Protection by Tom Pullinger

Whether they’ve been furloughed for the last few months, working reduced hours or carrying on with their jobs as best they can, your employees will have been significantly impacted — in a variety of ways — by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Right now, they need you as an employer to be more supportive than ever.  One of the areas that …

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Sandwich Generation Hardest Hit Mentally By Pandemic

In Family, Health and Wellness, Industry News by Tom Pullinger

My colleague Claire recently wrote about Employee Wellbeing & The State Benefits Gap. In her post, Claire highlighted how workers tend to overestimate the amount of support they would receive from the state if they fell ill. She also explained how only a tiny proportion of UK SMEs have suitable safeguards, like group income protection, in place. Now, new research …

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Coronavirus Triggers Surge In Life Insurance Enquiries

In Family, Industry News, Insurance by Tom Pullinger

The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced life expectancy, triggering a surge in interest for life insurance… According to tracking data relating to 1.3m Vitality members, life expectancy has fallen by an average of almost four months (3.8) since the start of the pandemic. This, because the COVID-19 lockdown has led to people taking fewer steps each day. Between March 16 and …

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Third Of Employers Failing To Fully Support Their Long-Term Absent Employees

In Employee Benefits, Group Income Protection, Industry News by Tom Pullinger

One in three employers do not provide support to help long-term absent employees return to work, new research has found. According to the study by Opinium on behalf of GRiD Group Risk Development (GRiD), the industry body for the group risk protection sector, 31% of employers do not make early intervention services available to help staff who have been absent …

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The Health Impact Of Working From Home

In Health and Wellness, Individual, Mental Health by Tom Pullinger

Despite the UK coronavirus lockdown easing, official government guidelines still state that if people can work from home, then they should continue to do so. While this will change in the coming months, the reality is that many employees face the probability that their home working days certainly aren’t over. However, while working from home does afford a number of …

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Income Protection: Safeguarding Your Income When The Unexpected Happens

In Individual, Industry News, Protection by Tom Pullinger

How long could you and your family survive financially if you suddenly became unable to work? Would state benefits be enough to support you? How long would any savings you’ve accumulated last? If your answer to any of those questions was “I don’t know” then Income Protection (IP) might be something you want to find out more about. IP: Employer …

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What Employers And Employees Want When It Comes To Benefits

In Business, Employee Benefits, Group Income Protection by Tom Pullinger

In a recent post our MD, Claire Ginnelly, highlighted the important role of employee benefits in a post-COVID world. Following on from that post, there have been several pieces of interesting research published recently, all of which focus on what employers and employees want when it comes to benefits. Employers want to improve employee engagement According to the Employee Benefits …

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Managing Your Employees’ Mental Health During Lockdown

In Employee Benefits, Health and Wellness, Mental Health by Tom Pullinger

While many of your employees might not be working right now because they are furloughed, as an employer, it’s important for you to check in with them. The uncertainty and anxiety caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is having an enormous impact on people’s mental health. That’s why employers need to be doing everything they can to safeguard their employees’ …

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Delivering SMEs With Cancer Support Through Employee Benefits

In Business, Employee Benefits, Healthcare by Tom Pullinger

A cancer diagnosis is always extremely difficult to come to terms with. The uncertainty it creates, coupled with the need to take time off from work and the potential financial implications only exacerbate the situation. But while an employee having time off to receive cancer treatment and begin the road to recovery can often be absorbed by large corporations, the …

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The High Cost Of Poor Mental Health In The Workplace

In Business, Industry News, Mental Health by Tom Pullinger

Poor mental health at work costs UK businesses up to £45 billion a year, new research has found, and it’s presenteeism, not absences, that is having the biggest impact. According to the report from Deloitte and mental health charity Mind, presenteeism – defined as employees turning up for work despite feeling unwell – costs UK employers between £26 billion and …

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The Delicate Issue Of Cancer Cover & Group PMI

In Employee Benefits, Group Income Protection, Healthcare by Tom Pullinger

Cancer survival rates are higher than ever, having doubled in the last 40 years, according to Cancer Research UK. In fact, the charity says 50% of people diagnosed with cancer in England and Wales survive their disease for 10 years or more (2010-11). One of the main reasons why cancer survival rates have improved so significantly is because of the …