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Private Medical Insurance: Don’t Leave the UK Without It!

In Expat, In The Press, Travel by PCH Staff

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to become an expat in a foreign country. Whilst many do extensive research about their future adopted home’s culture, customs, education and lifestyle, a worryingly high number neglect to consider their health needs and are unaware that the healthcare systems in other countries often very different than what they are used to at …

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Expats Who Think They Are Too Fit and Healthy to Fall Ill Can Come Unstuck

In Expat, In The Press by PCH Staff

Often the last thing that comes to mind when planning your move overseas is health insurance. Particularly if you are fit and healthy with no history of medical issues. And you wouldn’t be alone. Research shows that one quarter of expats have no international medical cover in place. The main reasons stated were: Too expensive State health care is sufficient …