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Millions Of Parents Take Unpaid Leave To Care For Sick Kids: Could You Cope?

In Family, Industry News, Protection by Matthew Tagg

Many parents are having to take unpaid leave from their jobs, or use some of their holiday entitlement, to look after their sick or injured children, a new study shows. According to the research from MetLife UK, 41% of parents have had to take time off work in the past 24 months to look after their kids who have either …

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Would Incentives Encourage You To Do More Physical Activity?

In Family, Individual, Industry News, Insurance by Paul Connolly

Could the shared-value insurance model and wearable fitness gadgets have a profound impact on people in the UK’s physical activity levels? A ground-breaking new study from an independent research institute suggests they might. According to RAND Europe’s latest Incentives and Physical Activity report – the largest of its kind based on verified data – using Vitality Activity Rewards combined with …

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Is Protecting Your Phone More Important Than Protecting Your Family?

In Family, Individual, Insurance by Paul Connolly

Do you automatically take out insurance every time you buy a new mobile phone? What about your pets – are they insured too? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, then you already know about the importance of insurance for safeguarding your possessions and furry friends. But what about protection for your family? Do you have a safety …

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What Is The Real Cost Of Getting Medical Treatment Abroad?

In Family, Individual, Insurance by Tom Pullinger

One in 10 British holidaymakers does not secure suitable travel insurance before venturing abroad, a decision that leaves them at risk of facing potentially astronomical medical bills should they become unwell or injure themselves, says Moneysupermarket. In fact, when you consider that one in 10 Brits requires medical treatment while holidaying abroad, it’s actually quite a significant risk many holidaymakers …

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NHS Wales Faced Unprecedented Pressure Last Winter, Review Says

In Family, Industry News, Protection by Raina Dhillon

Last winter, health and social services in Wales faced a “perfect storm of pressures”, which resulted in cancelled operations, huge ambulance queues and long waits for emergency services, according to a review commissioned by the Welsh government and NHS Wales. Between December 2017 and March 2018, the entire health and social care system experienced unprecedented pressure. As a result, patients …

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Not Exercising More Deadly Than Smoking, Diabetes & Heart Disease, Study Finds

In Family, Individual, Industry News by Stephen Ellis

The benefits of leading an active lifestyle are well documented. In fact, we recently wrote about how sit-stand desks not only improve the physical health of office workers, but also boost their productivity, engagement and energy levels too. The bottom line is that regular exercise has always been associated with a longer life. But now a new study has revealed …

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Diabetics More Than 10x More Likely To Die From Alcoholism, Suicide, Study Finds

In Family, Industry News, Insurance by Paul Howell

While the physical health problems associated with diabetes – such as an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer and kidney disorders – are well understood and publicised, the psychological impact is often neglected. But now a new study has uncovered some startling findings, which will hopefully see the mental implications of living with diabetes get more attention going forward. …

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Eat Butter & Cakes To Avoid Malnutrition, Older People Advised

In Family, Individual, Industry News by Raina Dhillon

The UK is the third fattest nation in Europe, according to research by the World Health Organisation (WHO), fueled by a diet of alcohol and fast food. It’s a reality that’s alarming and threatens to shorten the lives of generations, the WHO said. But while many people across the UK are struggling to lose weight and following a range of …

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Alcohol Kills More Than 3 Million People Each Year: WHO

In Family, Individual, Industry News by Tom Pullinger

More than one in 20 deaths worldwide is caused by alcohol, with over three quarters among men, according to a new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO). In 2016 alone, more than 3 million people died as a result of harmful use of alcohol (about six every minute), including around 2.3 million men. Overall, harmful use of alcohol accounts …

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Low-Dose Daily Aspirin Affords No Benefits To Healthy Older People, Study Finds

In Family, Individual, Industry News by Stephen Ellis

Some older people take a low dose of aspirin daily in the belief they are lowering their risk of heart attack and stroke. But while it’s a regimen that is often recommended by doctors for individuals who have previously had a heart attack or stroke, new research suggests that the risks may outweigh the benefits – especially for older people …