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Employee Benefits Watch: Wellbeing Products Becoming More Popular

In Business, Employee Benefits, Industry News by Raina Dhillon

Employees – particularly those in London – spend significant sums of money on wellbeing products every month, according to new research. In 2018, UK workers spent, on average, £174 per month on wellbeing products, a survey from Canada Life found. In London, nearly double this amount (£347) was spent, on average. Wellbeing and wellness products include things like insurance cover, …

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Are You Proactively Supporting The Mental Health Of Your Staff?

In Business, Employee Benefits, Industry News, Protection by Claire Ginnelly

Despite the fact that the vast majority of employees consider psychological safety in the workplace important, only a small proportion of organisations are taking proactive steps to support the mental health of their staff. That’s one of the key takeaways to emerge from new research by a leading learning organisation. According to the survey of 1,000 leaders, managers and employees …

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Festive Drone Chaos At Gatwick Highlights Why Having Suitable Travel Insurance Is So Important

In Industry News, Insurance, Travel by Tom McGuinness

The recent chaos involving a drone at Gatwick airport caused some 1,000 flights to be cancelled and ruined the travel plans of around 140,000 passengers. But while the drone incident was unprecedented in its nature, it highlights how even the best-laid plans can be severely interrupted by totally unexpected circumstances. It is a situation that also highlights why having travel …

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People With Diabetes Up To 4x More Likely To Die Of Heart Failure

In Family, Individual, Industry News, Protection by Paul Connolly

As If Living With Diabetes Wasn’t Difficult Enough: Study Finds Patients Significantly More At Risk Of Heart Failure. Living with type 1 diabetes is tough. Individuals with the complicated, serious, lifelong condition have to keep a close eye on their blood sugar levels and inject themselves with insulin because their bodies cannot produce the hormone naturally. Failure to stay on …

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Millions Of Parents Take Unpaid Leave To Care For Sick Kids: Could You Cope?

In Family, Industry News, Protection by Matthew Tagg

Many parents are having to take unpaid leave from their jobs, or use some of their holiday entitlement, to look after their sick or injured children, a new study shows. According to the research from MetLife UK, 41% of parents have had to take time off work in the past 24 months to look after their kids who have either …

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Would Incentives Encourage You To Do More Physical Activity?

In Family, Individual, Industry News, Insurance by Paul Connolly

Could the shared-value insurance model and wearable fitness gadgets have a profound impact on people in the UK’s physical activity levels? A ground-breaking new study from an independent research institute suggests they might. According to RAND Europe’s latest Incentives and Physical Activity report – the largest of its kind based on verified data – using Vitality Activity Rewards combined with …

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Why Vaping Is Having Such An Impact On Insurance Underwriting

In Industry News, Insurance, Protection by Tom McGuinness

The UK is regarded as one of the most “vape-friendly” countries in the world, having embraced the e-cigarette trend as a much safer alternative to smoking. Indeed, according to new figures from anti-smoking charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), an estimated 3.2 million in Britain now use e-cigarettes or vapes. Among those who vape, more than half (60%) have …

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Why SMEs Offer Group Income Protection

In Business, Industry News, Protection by Stephen Ellis

As the responsibility for ensuring the wellbeing of employees is increasingly falling on the shoulders of employers, Group Income Protection is something that more and more businesses are taking advantage of. Widely seen as the jewel in the crown of employee benefits, Group Income Protection provides excellent financial and emotional support for employees when they are working through a sickness …

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Work-Related Mental Health Issues Now Account For Over Half Of Work Absences

In Business, Industry News, Protection by Stephen Ellis

There has been a surge in the number of working days lost to work-related mental health issues, new figures reveal. In 2017/2018, the number of working days lost due to work-related stress, anxiety or depression reached 15.4 million, according to the Health and Safety Executive’s latest annual injury and ill health statistics for Great Britain. That’s an increase of around …

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NHS Wales Faced Unprecedented Pressure Last Winter, Review Says

In Family, Industry News, Protection by Raina Dhillon

Last winter, health and social services in Wales faced a “perfect storm of pressures”, which resulted in cancelled operations, huge ambulance queues and long waits for emergency services, according to a review commissioned by the Welsh government and NHS Wales. Between December 2017 and March 2018, the entire health and social care system experienced unprecedented pressure. As a result, patients …

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Heart Attack Warning Signs: Why You Should Never Ignore Your Ankles

In Individual, Industry News by Tom Pullinger

Heart attack symptoms vary from person to person, but usually include chest pain, difficulty breathing and dizziness. However, there’s another warning sign in your feet that could signal you’re at risk of a deadly myocardial infarction. Heart attacks are a medical emergency and anyone suspected of having one should seek immediate treatment. They occur when the supply of blood to …