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Mental Health: Supporting Each Other Through Times Of Crisis

In Industry News by Claire Ginnelly

Back in October, I wrote about how the Covid-19 pandemic is hammering mental health. I also highlighted in that piece how despite the detrimental impact of the current situation, many businesses are responding and supporting their employees as best they can. However, there is no getting away from the fact that Covid-19 is fuelling nothing less than a surge in …

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Group Risk: Managing & Preventing Sickness Absence

In Business, Employee Benefits, Industry News by Matthew Bucknall

In July 2019, the UK Government published a consultation paper: Health is everyone’s business: proposals to reduce ill health-related job loss. It outlined, among other things, how the government and employers can take action to reduce ill health-related job loss. In response to the publication of this consultation, the industry body for the group risk sector, GRiD, set up the …

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Providing The Right Staff Benefits In Times Of Crisis

In Business, Employee Benefits, Industry News by Gill Adams

What employers need to consider when it comes to staff benefits in the face of the Covid pandemic and beyond. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is having a dramatic impact on businesses and employees alike. But one area in particular where its effects are being felt is employee benefits. Two separate pieces of research highlight what employers need to be looking …

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AXA Health Encouraging Brits To Lead Healthier Lifestyles

In Health and Wellness, Individual, Industry News by Richard Holden

AXA Health has announced a new campaign designed to encourage more Brits to lead healthier lifestyles, as well as research on what being ‘healthy’ really means to Brits. To launch the campaign and help boost awareness, AXA Health has teamed up with comedian Jack Whitehall. What AXA’s research shows According to AXA’s accompanying research, over half of Brits believe that …

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‘Lost’ GP Appointments Triggers Need For Virtual GP Services

In Healthcare, Industry News, Insurance by Gill Adams

Enormous drop in GP appointments significantly deteriorating patients’ health. Nearly 27 million GP appointments have been lost since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, new figures from the NHS show. According to NHS Digital data, there were 26.7 million fewer GP appointments in England between March and August this year than there were during the same period in 2019. This …

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UK Employers See An Average £7+ ROI For Every £1 Spent On EAPs

In Business, Employee Benefits, Industry News by Richard Holden

Does your organisation currently offer an Employee Assistance Programme, or EAP? If not, what are the reasons? While many businesses won’t have considered offering EAPs because they don’t fully understand the benefits they can afford, others will have overlooked them because of a perceived cost barrier. However, as we have written before, Employee Assistance Programmes are high impact and cost …

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NHS Staff Uptake Of PMI Highlights How Much Our Health System Is Struggling

In Healthcare, Industry News, Insurance by Gill Adams

As if the NHS wasn’t under enough pressure already, the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the situation exponentially. With NHS waiting lists now at their highest levels since records began, it’s clear that there aren’t enough resources in our beloved health system to cope right now. Add to this the fact that Boris Johnson says the current restrictions could last six …

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Majority Of Employers Want To Be Seen As Caring

In Employee Benefits, Health and Wellness, Industry News by Claire Ginnelly

As my colleague Matthew Bucknall pointed out in his recent post, employers are increasing their focus on health and wellbeing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Interestingly, the same research also highlights how the vast majority of organisations want to be seen as a caring employer when introducing a health benefits programme. Indeed, according to the Employee Benefits Healthcare …

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How Group Risk Products Can Be Pivotal During A Pandemic

In Group Income Protection, Industry News, Insurance by Matthew Bucknall

As if employee benefits needed any more reasons to be at the top of every employer’s agenda, the coronavirus pandemic has firmly underlined their importance once more.  Here we take a quick look at how three group risk products can be pivotal during a pandemic, providing reassurance, faster access to healthcare and direct financial support. Group life assurance pays Sadly, …

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Sandwich Generation Hardest Hit Mentally By Pandemic

In Family, Health and Wellness, Industry News by Tom Pullinger

My colleague Claire recently wrote about Employee Wellbeing & The State Benefits Gap. In her post, Claire highlighted how workers tend to overestimate the amount of support they would receive from the state if they fell ill. She also explained how only a tiny proportion of UK SMEs have suitable safeguards, like group income protection, in place. Now, new research …

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Baby Boomers’ Health & Wellbeing Concerns Employers Most – GRiD

In Health and Wellness, Industry News, Protection by Claire Ginnelly

Employers are more concerned about the health and wellbeing of baby boomers than they are any other generation in the workplace, new research reveals. Generally defined as people born from 1946 to 1964, during the post–World War II baby boom, baby boomers are fast approaching retirement. Nevertheless, they are the generation that employers worry about most when it comes to …

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Why The Cost Of Obesity Could Bankrupt The NHS & Social Care

In Health and Wellness, Healthcare, Industry News by Rebekah Bree

Weight-related stigmas need to be tackled to save the NHS and social care systems The cost of obesity in the UK is rising, so much so that it could end up bankrupting the NHS and the country’s social care system. And it’s a “fear of offending people” that is largely to blame, new research suggests. According to the Social care …