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GRP Acquires Leading Healthcare Broker 

In In The Press, Industry News by PCH Staff

First acquisition under new ownership First acquisition for GRP in the Healthcare sector GRP has made its first acquisition since Searchlight completed its investment in the group, with a deal to buy healthcare broker Premier Choice Healthcare [PCH].   This is also GRP’s first acquisition in the health insurance sector, and, according to Head of M&A Stephen Ross, following completion PCH …

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Wellness Is High On The Agenda For Today’s Workforce

In Employee Benefits, Health and Wellness, Industry News by Paul Connolly

As COVID-19 lockdowns lift and people start returning to work, a lot of organisations will be focussing their attention on employee wellbeing and wellness. If there’s one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted, it’s that being stuck at home for abnormally long periods can have a negative impact on both our physical and mental health. Now, as people return …

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Income Protection: Safeguarding Your Income When The Unexpected Happens

In Individual, Industry News, Protection by Tom Pullinger

How long could you and your family survive financially if you suddenly became unable to work? Would state benefits be enough to support you? How long would any savings you’ve accumulated last? If your answer to any of those questions was “I don’t know” then Income Protection (IP) might be something you want to find out more about. IP: Employer …

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How Employee Needs Will Change In A Post-COVID World

In Business, Employee Benefits, Industry News by Paul Howell

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on both employers and employees alike has been unprecedented. Businesses that thought they were all but immune to crises suddenly discovered they weren’t and more individuals than ever before have been furloughed or working from home. But while many of the changes to working arrangements and workplace policies were implemented as a direct result …

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The Role Of Employee Benefits In Easing Workers Back Following Long-Term Absence

In Employee Benefits, Industry News, Protection by Claire Ginnelly

Returning to work after a long absence is daunting for most employees. Whether they’ve been absent due to a sickness, or taken time off because of a bereavement, sabbatical or parental leave, employees ultimately need support upon their return. In fact, the same applies to workers returning to their jobs following the COVID-19 lockdown. Some will have been furloughed, while …

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Maintaining Employee Performance & Engagement During Times Of Crisis

In Business, Employee Benefits, Industry News by Raina Dhillon

Despite the UK coronavirus lockdown expected to ease in the coming weeks, the situation has highlighted a number of things for businesses. Most notably, the importance of being able to facilitate home working, as well as managing employees’ expectations and mental health during times of unprecedented uncertainty. The enormous impact of the coronavirus pandemic on employees’ work and personal lives …

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The Construction Industry’s Silent Crisis

In Health and Wellness, Industry News, Mental Health by Rebekah Bree

The construction industry is sick. This is evidenced by the fact that a quarter of its workers considered suicide last year. This shocking revelation highlights how a silent crisis existed even before the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to figures published by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), 26% of construction workers thought about taking their own lives …

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The Impact Of COVID-19 On Cancer Patients

In Industry News by Rebekah Bree

My colleague Paul Howell recently wrote an excellent post about prostate cancer mortality rates, specifically how they are predicted to fall by nearly 10% this year. This is very welcome news, although no one really knows the true impact of COVID-19 on patients waiting for treatment. Indeed, Cancer Research UK says we are now in “unchartered waters for delivering cancer …

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Thousands Of ‘At Risk’ Patients Avoiding Hospitals Amid Covid19 Pandemic

In Healthcare, Industry News, Insurance by Rebekah Bree

Thousands of people are going to suffer unduly or die because they are not seeking medical attention for non-COVID-19 related conditions and symptoms. That’s the stark warning to come from charities and medical organisations as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Cancer charities in particular have expressed their concern as patients – some of whom are in the middle of treatment – …