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5 Reasons To Buy Insurance Through A Protection Intermediary

In Individual, Insurance, Protection by Claire Ginnelly

If you were suddenly unable to work due to an illness or injury, how would you pay your bills and put food on the table? How about if you passed away? Would your family be able to survive the financial fallout associated with losing your income and paying for your funeral? While the above are “what-if” scenarios, they are still …

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Work-Related Mental Health Issues Now Account For Over Half Of Work Absences

In Business, Industry News, Protection by Stephen Ellis

There has been a surge in the number of working days lost to work-related mental health issues, new figures reveal. In 2017/2018, the number of working days lost due to work-related stress, anxiety or depression reached 15.4 million, according to the Health and Safety Executive’s latest annual injury and ill health statistics for Great Britain. That’s an increase of around …

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NHS Wales Faced Unprecedented Pressure Last Winter, Review Says

In Family, Industry News, Protection by Raina Dhillon

Last winter, health and social services in Wales faced a “perfect storm of pressures”, which resulted in cancelled operations, huge ambulance queues and long waits for emergency services, according to a review commissioned by the Welsh government and NHS Wales. Between December 2017 and March 2018, the entire health and social care system experienced unprecedented pressure. As a result, patients …

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People With Arthritis Missing Out On Workplace Support

In Business, Individual, Protection by Paul Connolly

A leading arthritis charity has warned that many people with arthritis or related conditions are being forced out of work because they are not getting the support they need from their employers. According to a poll by Versus Arthritis – a charity that was recently created by the merger of Arthritis Research UK and Arthritis Care – more than a …

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Sit-Stand Desks Boost Productivity, Engagement & Energy Levels, Research Suggests

In Business, Industry News, Protection by Matthew Tagg

It’s no secret that the sedentary lifestyles many people in the UK lead are having a negative impact on their health. For example, earlier this year, a study found that just two weeks of sedentary office working can put people on the path to diabetes. Now new research suggests that a simple change of desk could not only improve the …

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Presenteeism Rife As Vast Majority Of Sick Staff Don’t Take Time Off

In Business, Industry News, Protection by Stephen Ellis

A whopping 88% of employees went to work while they were sick in 2017, a new poll has revealed. The survey of 1,001 workers by Canada Life Group Insurance found that 47% did not take a single sick day last year and that’s not simply because they weren’t sick. In fact, despite feeling unwell, 53% of employees felt their sickness …

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Cost Is The Main Barrier For Consumers Buying Protection

In Individual, Industry News, Insurance, Protection by Stephen Ellis

When it comes to protection insurance, the number one reason why people in the UK do not take out cover is that they believe it will cost them too much. That’s one of the key findings from Royal London’s latest State of the Protection Nation report. But can you really put a price on your health and financial security? According …

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Nine in 10 Brits At Risk Of Financial Hardship Should Serious Illness Strike

In Family, Individual, Industry News, Protection by Tom Pullinger

A huge proportion of people in the UK would suffer financial hardship if they were to be struck down with a serious illness, research from Scottish Widows shows. A staggering nine in 10 Brits do not have a critical illness policy, despite the fact that more than a fifth (21%) admit their household wouldn’t survive financially if they were unable …

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Gig Workers & Temps Get Fewer Health Protections Than Their Permanent Colleagues

In Business, Industry News, Protection by PCH Staff

Gig economy workers, temporary workers, part-time workers and those on zero-hours contracts enjoy fewer health and wellbeing protections than their permanent, full-time counterparts. That’s the key message to come out of a recently published survey by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). According to the survey conducted by market research company Opinium, which polled some 500 non-permanent workers …

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A Quarter of UK Family Businesses Would Close Immediately If the Owner Died or Became Critically Ill

In Business, Family, Industry News, Insurance, Protection by PCH Staff

An alarming number of family businesses across the UK are putting themselves at increased risk of failure by not having safeguards in place should certain critical events occur, a new survey has found. According to Legal & General’s “State of the Nation’s SMEs” research – which polled over 800 small businesses – just 42% of family businesses in the UK …