Expats Who Think They Are Too Fit and Healthy to Fall Ill Can Come Unstuck

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Often the last thing that comes to mind when planning your move overseas is health insurance. Particularly if you are fit and healthy with no history of medical issues.

And you wouldn’t be alone.

Research shows that one quarter of expats have no international medical cover in place. The main reasons stated were:

  • Too expensive
  • State health care is sufficient

Whilst of course costs can play a factor, state health care in many countries is now restricted to A&E only, with all other services having to be paid for. So whilst you may be fit and healthy now, you have no idea of what may happen later down the line.

Medical costs can become excessive when living overseas, particularly if repatriation is needed.

International private medical insurance will ensure peace of mind when living in a foreign country where systems and procedures, and language, can often be a barrier.

Amongst other things, policies will often cover:

  • Medical expertise for the expat and their family
  • Relocation if medical treatment is needed elsewhere
  • Repatriation back to country of origin

It is not just individuals that can overlook this important medical cover. Employers are duty bound to ensure whatever insurance they have in place sufficiently covers their employees whilst overseas.

It is important that you consider the potential health risks when planning your move, or your employees move, overseas. Then should the worst happen to you or a member of your family – you will be prepared and have measures in place to deal with whatever arises.

If you, your partner or your child should fall ill, or are involved in a serious accident, would you be able to cover any medical costs incurred?

As we stated earlier, most state health care for expats only covers Accident and Emergency. So whilst you may get initial help if involved in an accident, it is unlikely that it will be ongoing care. For that, you will have to arrange and pay for it yourself.

So whether you are moving overseas with or without an employer supporting you, investigate your options. Premier Choice can help expats or clients who are planning a move overseas to ensure you have the correct medical cover in place so, should you fall ill whilst in a foreign country, you can get the right help to ensure you get back to full health as quickly as possible.

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