Health-Conscious Brits Spend £2,500 Annually On Health & Fitness

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People in Britain spend an average of £211 per month on health and fitness, new research shows, a reality that highlights just how seriously many individuals are taking their wellbeing.

According to the study by Vitality and American Express, Brits are now spending more than £2,500 a year on health and fitness, which includes things like supplements, healthy foods, sportswear and wearable fitness devices.

Significant chunk of salary now being spent on health

The £2,500 a year being spent on health and fitness is equivalent to approximately 8% of the average UK salary, suggesting there is a growing appetite across the country for trying to keep fit and healthy.

The survey of more than 3,000 people found that the most popular health and fitness purchases in 2019 were:

  • Healthy food (£414 spent on average during the year)
  • Supplements, such as vitamins and protein shakes (£218 on average)
  • Sportswear and active accessories (£215 on average each year).

Interestingly, the research also revealed that almost a third of respondents had bought alternative products and therapies, such as Ayurveda, acupuncture and reiki, with the average spent on such therapies totalling £14.26 a month (£171 a year).

Spending differs considerably across generations

The research shows that millennials are seemingly the most health conscious, spending more on health and fitness – an average of £365 a month (£4,378 a year) – than any other age group in 2019. In comparison, people aged over 55 spent around five times less, an average of just £74 a month (£889 a year).

Perhaps less surprising is the finding that millennials were also more likely to engage and invest in health-related technology, such as apps and online subscriptions. In fact, their spending on such items totalled £315, on average, in 2019.

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Many vowing to spend more this year

When asked, two in five respondents said they were likely to spend more on keeping themselves fit and healthy in 2020. The reasons behind this were found to be concerns about weight (23%), mental health or stress (22%) and fitness levels driving (20%).

The Vitality and American Express research complements a separate study that was released earlier this year during Big Energy Saving Week. It found that data-obsessed Brits spend an entire week per year analysing their lives with gadgets, including devices which monitor heart rate (used by 34% of respondents) and steps and movement (used by 51%). 

In total, the survey found that Brits spend 30 minutes every day checking their health, behaviour and finances using apps and devices, which equates to seven-and-a-half days per year.

Final Thoughts

It is great to see how people are increasingly taking their health and wellbeing into their own hands. Personally, I take health and fitness very seriously and understand how this affects my work and my life in general.

In the past, there has been a stigma surrounding certain types that go to the gym, choose alternative therapies and even buy healthier foods. As we are in an ever changing world of health products, wearable devices and even fitness clothes, everyone has the opportunity to take control of their own health and it’s so positive that we are willing to spend a little extra each year on ourselves to do so.

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