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When thinking about our future finances, many of us think about the importance of having a pension plan in place. It’s not a particularly exciting thing to think about and arrange, but we all know that one day we will be reaching retirement age and will then have no regular salary income and we are keen to have the security of having a pot of money to fall back on.

What would happen if you were to lose that regular salary income ahead of your retirement? What if you were unable to work for some reason? If that happens your regular income may stop immediately or be greatly reduced.

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Are you protected?

Whether you are unable to work due to an accident or long-term sickness, any work related sick pay is unlikely to cover you after a certain point in time. Will you be able to continue paying the bills, the mortgage, and put food on the table?

Income Protection will allow you to do this. It will help replace your lost income and could continue paying out until you get back to work, or reach retirement age. Most importantly, it will give you peace of mind that you can support yourself and your family in the unfortunate event that your circumstances change.

When we meet any client and review their financial needs, we always put Income Protection at the top of the recommended “wish list”.


Because all our plans for a secure and comfortable future are based around us having a good income which helps give us the standard of living we aspire to.

What some people overlook is that without that income hitting their bank account each week or month, then any other plans can be put into serious jeopardy. None of us think that we will get ill and be unable to work, but in reality none of us are infallible and we should put protecting our income ahead of any other protection needs.

Financial advisors have been giving that important advice to clients for many years, yet the amount of people with income protection is still disappointingly low.

Some people still think they can just rely on the state to look after them. Yes, there are state benefits available, but relying purely on these will mean individuals and families having to review their standard of living to fit in with the allowances they might be eligible to receive.

The desire to get the message out to the general public, to make them aware, has led to the Income Protection Task Force setting up the Seven Families project.

This project is seen to be one of the most significant industry initiatives of this generation. Not only will it create awareness of how important having adequate Income Protection is, but working alongside Disability Rights UK, seven families without cover whose main breadwinner has been forced out of work due to accident or illness, will be given income protection free of charge for one year.

This campaign will follow the seven selected families over the course of 12 months allowing them, and the UK as a whole to see the benefit and importance of having Income Protection for those unforeseen circumstances that sadly do arise.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you have bills to pay and a family to support, get protected.

Get Income Protection today.


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