Invest In Staff & They’ll Invest In You

In Business, Employee Benefits, In The Press by Claire Ginnelly

SOME PEOPLE BELIEVE STAFF benefits such as private medical insurance or group income protection are only bought by larger SMEs and corporates. Every company, from micro-SME to large
corporate, should look at benefits available to provide to employees.

Employee productivity is key for all businesses but the smaller the company the more important productivity becomes – and looking after employees’ health and wellbeing is one of the best ways to ensure good productivity.

Offering employee benefits can be more affordable than employers realise. These type of insurance policies have many benefits outside of the traditional insurance ones which can help employers and employees alike. These range from helplines and employee assistance programmes to second opinion services.

At the Premier Choice Group, health insurance products are at the very heart of what we do. Products which support your employees health and wellbeing include private medical insurance; dental cover; group protection; to services such as occupational health and health assessments.

If you are starting a business from scratch or looking to expand your business, we can advise you on the right package of benefits for your particular business and your employees. We offer a professional service with a personal touch and are delighted to discuss a range of options with you.

Claire Ginnelly is the Managing Director of Premier Choice Health and has been in the private medical insurance industry since 1991. All her experience has been gained working for large insurance companies managing the distribution of health insurance products through intermediaries. She has held senior positions within Standard Life Healthcare, as Head of Intermediary Sales, and Groupama Healthcare, as Head of Distribution.