Maggie Watts: Raising Awareness (and Parliamentary Debate) About Pancreatic Cancer

In In The Press by PCH Staff

Back in February, Premier Choice Group ran a piece highlighting the plight of Maggie Watts who was petitioning for increased funding and public awareness of pancreatic cancer, which her husband Kevin sadly lost his battle with in December 2009.

Now, just nine months later, Maggie’s efforts have not been in vain and she successfully campaigned for a parliamentary debate to be held this September on the issue of pancreatic cancer.

Maggie’s campaign attracted a significant amount of media interest and celebrity backing, which has raised awareness of pancreatic cancer in the public eye.

The following excerpt from the Lorraine TV programme focuses on Maggie’s achievements and touches on the next steps for the future: Maggie and Julie’s big step for pancreatic cancer

More information about Maggie’s story and the recent pancreatic cancer debate can be found on the following two pancreatic cancer links:

Maggie’s Petition
The Debate: ‘The Beginning of the Rest of the Campaign’

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