Moving Abroad? A Good Time to Review Your Protection Needs

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According to recently released research, approximately 4.4 million holidaymakers suffered injuries while on trips abroad during the last three years and the total cost of all these injuries amounted to more than £1 billion.

In fact, over one third (38%) of people who holidayed during that period suffered an injury and for 37.5% the average cost was more than £252 each. Furthermore, a quarter of those injuries were due to animal and insect bites or jellyfish and stingray stings, making them the most prevalent cause of injury, the Post Office Travel Insurance study reveals.

While these injuries to holidaymakers are inevitably covered by their travel insurance policies, the data serves to show that accidents while abroad do happen and that’s the same regardless of whether you’re on holiday or moving abroad on a more permanent basis.

Therefore, reviewing your personal protection needs when you’re planning a stint abroad should be an essential part of your preparations.

Existing Policies Need Scrutinising

More British people than ever before are upping sticks and seeking warmer climes. When they do, their existing life insurance and other protection policies need to be carefully checked to see what the implications might be of a move abroad.

Moving overseas for less than six months often won’t affect your life insurance policy, but it depends on the country and your specific provider. It’s always better to check in the first instance and ensure you understand exactly what the situation is.

For example you should check things such as: what’s the maximum amount of time you can spend abroad under your existing policy? Does the country you’re visiting have any bearing on the policy? Do you need to maintain a UK bank account and/or address while you’re away?

Remember, your life insurance cover applies to your circumstances at the time you took it out and whilst it might allow for reasonable updates, it’s your responsibility to inform your insurer of any significant changes, like a move abroad.

No Annual Review

Long-term insurance often doesn’t have an annual review date and so it can sometimes be forgotten after it is purchased and not thought about again until a situation requiring a claim arises. This really is not the time to find out that your move abroad had nullified your insurance contract.

One of the toughest challenges facing prospective expats are the unknowns that come with a move overseas. They often don’t necessarily know how long they’ll be gone for and whether they’ll venture to different countries while they’re away.

It may sound difficult, but future-proofing your life insurance as much as possible is advisable. Your insurance provider or broker should be willing to work with you to understand your lifestyle and identify any potential changes which could affect your policy in the future.

Ensuring that your life cover is adaptable, should the need arise, and fit-for-purpose will be paramount in the long-term; especially if there’s a chance you’ll get bitten by the travel bug in your later life.

If a client is planning a move abroad we always recommend a review of their current cover as to any impact or restriction(s) their move might have on any of their policy benefits.

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