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Will Switching To E-Cigs Cut Your Life Insurance Cost?

In In The Press, Individual, Industry News by Paul Connolly

Britain is winning the war against smoking, in part due to a rise in the number of people choosing to vape or use e-cigarettes instead. But how do these alternatives to smoking impact the cost of your life insurance? According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the UK witnessed a “significant reduction” in the proportion of people aged 18 …

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People With Mental Health Issues More Likely To Be In Poverty, Debt

In Individual, Industry News by Matthew Tagg

People with longstanding mental health problems are about twice as likely to be in relative poverty as those without such issues, a new study shows. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ (IFS) annual report, four in 10 people aged 25 to 54 with a mental health problem have an income which is less than 60% of the average, meaning …

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Death In Service Confusion Could Leave Families Vulnerable

In Family, Individual, Industry News by Stephen Ellis

Thinking about what will happen when you die is never pleasant or easy, but it is, nevertheless, important – especially when it comes to ensuring your family is left with a safety net that takes care of your financial commitments. One safeguard that is designed to help your family financially after you die is death in service benefit. Offered by …

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Spin Classes Can Lead To Kidney Failure In Extreme Circumstances

In In The Press, Individual, Industry News by Tom Pullinger

Spin classes have become extremely popular in recent years. These high-intensity cycling workouts that generally take place on static bikes give participants a serious workout. In fact, a 40-minute session can help burn up to 600 calories and provide a full-body workout. The fact there are hundreds of specialist spin studios and an increasing number of UK gyms now offer …

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Tea Towels May Cause Food Poisoning, New Research Suggests

In In The Press, Industry News by Paul Howell

Tea towels that are used for multiple jobs, such as cleaning utensils, wiping surfaces and drying hands, could be putting households at risk of food poisoning, new research suggests. For the study, scientists from the University of Mauritius examined 100 different tea towels that had been used for a month. They found E.coli was more likely to be present on …

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Doctors Warn Masculinity Could Prevent Men From Seeking Help With Mental Health Problems

In In The Press, Individual, Industry News by Raina Dhillon

The world was left in shock at the beginning of June as news emerged of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. Here was yet another high-profile, seemingly happy individual who decided that life was no longer worth living. Experts warn that Bourdain is just one of many men whose suicides and preceding struggles with mental illness often go overlooked. In the US, suicide …

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Video Games Affect The Brains Of Young People In The Same Way As Alcohol And Drugs

In Individual, Industry News by Paul Connolly

Addictive video games change young people’s brains in the same way that drugs and alcohol do, new research has revealed. According to the series of studies by California State University, the reward system in the brains of young people who heavily use social media and video games display the same changes in function and structure as those of people hooked …

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Cost Is The Main Barrier For Consumers Buying Protection

In Individual, Industry News, Insurance, Protection by Stephen Ellis

When it comes to protection insurance, the number one reason why people in the UK do not take out cover is that they believe it will cost them too much. That’s one of the key findings from Royal London’s latest State of the Protection Nation report. But can you really put a price on your health and financial security? According …

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Nine in 10 Brits At Risk Of Financial Hardship Should Serious Illness Strike

In Family, Individual, Industry News, Protection by Tom Pullinger

A huge proportion of people in the UK would suffer financial hardship if they were to be struck down with a serious illness, research from Scottish Widows shows. A staggering nine in 10 Brits do not have a critical illness policy, despite the fact that more than a fifth (21%) admit their household wouldn’t survive financially if they were unable …

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What Perks Do British Workers Really Want?

In Individual, Industry News by Raina Dhillon

Free gym membership, private healthcare and a day off on their birthday. These are just some of the things British workers want, according to a new study. Every employer likes to think they offer everything their employees want. But is there such a thing as the perfect employer? Apparently not, if new research by office products supplier Lyreco is anything …