Next UK Government Needs to Take Action on Health & Wellbeing Say Employers

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According to recent research, almost a fifth (19%) of UK employers and employees want the next government to take more action when it comes to staff wellbeing.

The research, which was conducted by Group Risk Development (GRiD), surveyed 500 UK businesses with between five and 1,000 employees, as well as 1,000 UK workers.

It found that in addition to the calls for more action on staff wellbeing, 20% of employers think that merging national insurance and income tax to create a more simplified system is the biggest issue which needs addressing by the next government. It is thought that such a system would help to reduce costs and increase wages.

When asked about promoting health and wellbeing among staff, employers cited the introduction of flexible working initiatives (47%); promoting a healthy work/life balance (64%); and managing stress (38%) as their top areas of focus.

Talking about the survey’s findings, Katharine Moxham, GRiD spokesperson, highlighted that health and wellbeing is “clearly” a top priority for employers.

She added:

“It’s really encouraging to see that not only do employers recognise the importance of this, but we know they are also doing their best to implement health and wellness support in the workplace.

However, what is evident is that employers would like greater support and incentives to be able to do this. When it comes to what employers can do now, rather than waiting to see what the next government chooses to focus on, introducing group risk protection products provides additional support services, which can help to make the process far easier.

From helping to achieve a sustainable return to work for those who have had to take time off sick to fast-track access to counselling, all serve to make life better for both employer and employee.

On a broader level, the government’s new Fit for Work service brings us to the brink of a new era where greater focus will be placed on supporting employees with health conditions to stay in the workplace.

Employers which work with the new service will come to appreciate where group income protection can serve their needs by helping them implement back-to-work programmes and by giving them access to a raft of further support to focus on prevention as well as cure.”

With the General Election upon us, our industry seems to be developing a wish list of things that will help develop our market further. As things stand, this really is only a wish list and it may take several years for any of it to become reality, as whichever party is elected they will no doubt face greater challenges!

Therefore, we ask what can be done now with the tools at our disposal… at Premier Choice we have a range of solutions designed to help employers manage the health and wellbeing of their employees which if used properly can help keep absence rates under control. Why wait for something in the future when you can act now?

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