NHS in the News with Long Wait for Tests for Cancer

In In The Press, Industry News by PCH Staff

Barely a week goes by at the moment when there isn’t a story in the press about NHS waiting times. Continuing pressure with regard to the length of time it takes for cancer tests and results is highlighting the extent of the problem.

Waiting times for tests that can diagnose cancer can be 13 weeks at some hospitals. Then there can be further delays of three weeks or more for the results themselves. The so-called ‘postcode lottery’ means a patient could receive their results in as little as four days, while one in just the next county may have to wait over 40 days. Couple this with a flurry of stories about GPs missing or misdiagnosing cancers and the lower than the Europe average, and the picture painted is not a pretty one.

At what is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, the wait can add extra stress and pressure resulting in further health and personal problems for both the patient and those closest to them.

Private medical insurance is often something people shrug off, assuming that it’s an unnecessary expense, but if serious illness were to arise it is invaluable. Having private medical insurance can ensure you get your tests and the results within a matter of days, rather than weeks or even months.

Not only does speed of diagnosis and treatment significantly increase the chance of cancer being caught early enough to be fully treatable, it also gives you and your family peace of mind. Without the added stresses of waiting for results or appointments you can focus on getting better, enjoying time with those closest and making plans for the future. Premier Choice can help find the right cover for you, so you’re safe in the knowledge that should illness strike you can get access to a speedy diagnosis.

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