NHS Reforms Advance the Role of Private Healthcare

In Industry News by PCH Staff

Private healthcare and health insurance have experienced a turbulent few years as the economic downturn forced many people to give up their healthcare plans in order to save money. However, this trend coupled with an aging population and budget cuts put significant strain on the NHS, which is still being widely felt today.

The NHS does a sterling job for us all but pressures on resources continue to impact waiting times and overall quality of service – for example recent reports suggest waiting lists are at a six-year high.

This can at times impact on treatment plans and timescales offered following diagnosis, adding additional and unnecessary stress to the patient. As the UK population continues to age, reforms are introduced and further cuts are made. These issues are therefore compounded, with a plethora of bad press adding yet more pressure.

While it is unlikely that the shift away from private healthcare will be entirely reversed, due to the economic recovery, an increase in business confidence boosting incomes and the aforementioned issues facing the NHS, we are beginning to see a shift back to private healthcare for many. The positive outcome of the last few years is the availability of lower priced health insurance plans and initiatives such as health cash plans which make private healthcare a more affordable option for all. Less people may opt for high premium, comprehensive cover but the options available mean more people are able to take advantage of the peace of mind health insurance offers.

Private healthcare can ensure you get seen promptly, at a time to suit you – which is often an issue for those who work to rigid office hours. Often a speedy diagnosis is worth its weight in gold compared to the worry and stress that can be caused by waiting for your tests and results to be processed.

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