PCH Supports ‘Hope Is Contagious’

In In The Press by PCH Staff

Premier Choice Group joins in its client’s petition for more funding for PANCREATIC CANCER – Join Maggie Watts’s campaign – Hope Is Contagious – by adding your signature to the petition.

Maggies story:

My husband Kevin was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in May 2008. He was given between 6-18 months to live. Despite living with the knowledge that his time was very limited, his mental strength was amazing and he remained positive and focused on trying to stay alive as long as possible and was absolutely adamant he would live longer than the maximum 18 months that had been indicated. When he got to 18 months we held Kevin’s ‘I’m Still Standing Part’y to celebrate outliving the prognosis. The reality was that he knew that would be the last time he would have all of his family and friends together in one room but it was an amazing night, very positive and upbeat. Sadly, Kevin died 6 weeks later on 22 December 2009 aged 48.

Hope Is Contagious

The shocking fact is that Kevin’s mum also died of pancreatic cancer in 1969 when she was just 27 years of age, leaving behind 3 young children, Kevin was the eldest at 8 years of age.  Although their deaths were 40 years apart, survival rates have not improved in all of that time with only 17% being alive 1 year from diagnosis and only 3% being alive 5 years from diagnosis.  Despite it being the UKs 5th highest cancer killer, it only attracts c1% of the research spend.

My petition needs to have 100,000 signatures on it by 8 April 2014 to be eligible for a Debate in Parliament. We expect to hit 30k signs today so we still have a very long way to go. All signatures and shares of the epetition are very gratefully received in our quest to find the remaining 70k signatures before the cut-off.

The epetition is asking for an increased share of funding for research and also inclusion in a public awareness campaign. Both Pancreatic Cancer UK and Pancreatic Cancer Action are supporting it.

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