PMI Most Desired Benefit For Employees – Study Finds

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A new survey has revealed that a significant proportion of employees want Private Medical Insurance (PMI) added to their workplace benefits programme.

According to the poll by employee services business Personal Group, four in 10 (40%) employees indicated that they would like to see PMI offered as part of their benefits package, making it the most desired benefit.

Discounted gym memberships and rewards linked to physical activity were the second and third most desired benefits, cited by 34 and 28% of employees respectively.

A further 24% of employees would like physical health-based incentives, such as interdepartmental competitions or step challenges, added to their employer’s benefits programme.

The survey of 1,007 people also found that 70% of workers who sit down to do their jobs only stand up and move away from their desk or workstation every hour at best. A further 38% only move every two hours or sometimes even longer.

Employees Are Neglecting Their Physical Wellbeing At Work

It’s a reality that is partly fuelled by the fact that many workers choose to eat their lunch at their desks. Indeed, the Personal Group survey found that a third of employees regularly eat at their desk or workstation, while 60% choose to drive to their place of work rather than walking (15%) or cycling (3.5%).

Perhaps surprising is the revelation that 30% of employees (three in 10) said they would be happy for their employers to have access to their health records if it meant they were offered physical health employee benefits.

Rebecca Tapping, group HR director at Personal Group, said much of the UK’s workforce is sedentary and neglecting its physical wellbeing during the working day. As a result, employees are looking for their employers to better support them in this area.

“It is surprising to see that so many people would be happy to share their personal health data if their employer provided physical health benefits, but it demonstrates a clear opportunity here for employers to help increase the wellbeing of their workforce, increase productivity and create an environment where people want to work,” she said.

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What Is PMI?

Private Medical Insurance (also sometimes referred to as health insurance) provides extra help in addition to what’s available on the NHS. In short, it pays for you to receive private treatment i.e. non-NHS treatment.

Private Medical Insurance is recommended if:

  • You would prefer not to wait for treatment on the NHS
  • You would prefer private treatment regardless
  • You want cover for specialist treatments that aren’t available on the NHS (particularly useful if you are a sports enthusiast and are prone to sports-related injuries)

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