PCH: Helping Employers to Manage Staff Absences

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At Premier Choice we believe that on Income Protection schemes our clients should be able to benefit from all the assistance offered by the insurers, irrespective of the size of the scheme. Historically, insurers provided an enhanced level of service to larger schemes which we argued was wrong given that in many cases these employers already benefit from a high level of internal resource.

When we developed our claims management service it was specifically focused around ensuring that claims from ‘smaller’ employers also were able to access these facilities in a timely manner. This is one of our key features which has led to us winning numerous awards. However, despite this being highly successful in helping manage the absences within our clients business, we felt that the insurers were still too focused on larger schemes and therefore we welcome the initiative from Canada Life which we believe will allow us to develop our practices to offer our clients an even higher level of service.

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