Premier Choice: Helping to Forecast Your Future

In In The Press by PCH Staff

As a nation we are obsessed with the weather. Weather we have had, weather we are having or weather we are forecast to have; it is an endless topic of conversation.

But at Premier Choice we are talking about a forecast of a different kind, “Your Future”.

Rather than prepare for wind or rain, we prepare our clients for what their financial future would look like if illness or injury prevented them from working.

A recent study by Swiss Re* showed that 75% of employers offer no protection benefits to their staff. Our “Financial Forecast” helps clients to visualise the huge difficulty they would face surviving on sick pay from the state. We then help by providing a solution in the form of income protection.

.*Source: Swiss Re Insurance Report 2013

Les Schroeter

Premier Choice is award winning in ensuring individuals, families & companies have the right insurance to face the unexpected with advisors throughout the UK to assist you.