Private Medical Insurance is More Important than Ever

In In The Press, Industry News by PCH Staff

There are many types of insurances in the UK, some mandatory such as car insurance and some that the majority will opt for as the sensible thing to do – like home insurance and pet insurance. Private medical insurance (PMI) isn’t always on peoples radars.

Budget Constraints and the NHS

When budgets get tight some might consider cancelling their PMI in the knowledge that they can always rely on the NHS to treat them and their families. This is true, however whilst the NHS offers an excellent service for the major illnesses – cancer, heart etc. – their day to day issues are well documented, with barely a day going by when the media find another story to report on declining standards and/or delays in the UK healthcare service delivery.

It is likely that future budget cuts will mean that the performance of the NHS will struggle to improve in the foreseeable future. Recent figures highlight the scale of the problem and more than 64,000 operations were cancelled for non-medical reasons in 2013 alone.

It is well known that Private Medical Insurance providers help towards plugging the gap that the NHS has due to its budgetary constraints.

Choosing PMI with Confidence

As the UK economy recovers, many people that were forced to cancel their PMI cover a few years ago are now more financially confident to take out new cover. We are also seeing many people who have previously never considered private healthcare looking for cover too.

The range of PMI polices available has grown over recent years so there is something to suit all needs whilst staying within a person’s budget. This offers an affordable alternative to the NHS with many benefits – no waiting times or cancelled appointments – peace of mind and an overall stress free process that helps people to recover more quickly.

At Premier Choice Group we are here to offer free and impartial advice on what may be available – there is normally a policy and premium to suit everyone.

Premier Choice is award winning in ensuring individuals, families & companies have the right insurance to face the unexpected with advisors throughout the UK to assist you.