Six in Ten Construction Workers Mistakenly Believe They Have Health and Protection Cover

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Recent research has found that a worrying six in ten construction workers are mistaken about their health and protection cover, believing that employers automatically cover them for accidents and injuries sustained in the workplace.

This is a particular concern for the construction industry, which involves a number of potential dangers for employees despite sustained efforts and improvements to the health and safety record. Only 5% of British workers are employed in construction, but around 12% of all workplaces are related to the industry, according to figures from the Labour Force Survey. The research suggested that workers in the construction industry also take off more days from work due to ill-health and accidents – around 1.4 million days combined in total, which is well in excess of the national average.

Misunderstandings About Cover

Nearly 33% of all construction industry workers had sought medical treatment for injuries sustained in the workplace. 57% of workers believed that their employers were obliged to have insurance in place to cover their medical costs and salaries if they were unable to work because of injury or illness sustained during the course of their work. However, this kind of cover is not a compulsory requirement for British employers, despite it being a legal requirement in America and other countries.

Because of these incorrect perceptions, 40% of construction workers said that they had not covered themselves with additional measures such as private medical insurance, income protection or cash plans. Even more concerning, a further 27% of respondents had no insurance cover at all of any kind for accidents.

Taking Action

The worry is that staff will mistakenly believe that they are covered for accidents and injuries sustained at work, and then have a nasty surprise if the worst happens. Smart businesses are seeking to avoid this situation by working to inform their staff about it and by communicating clearly with regard to their options for private insurance and protection options. Usually, the most effective and easy way for a construction employer to do this is to engage the services of a healthcare insurance specialist who can engage with the staff in a number of ways, including face-to-face interviews, group information sessions and digital and written communications.

Why Use a Healthcare Insurance Specialist?

Insurance is a complex topic, particularly where health insurance is concerned. Pre-existing conditions must be treated transparently and accurately, and there are various levels of cover involved, as well as provisions for family and partner cover. A healthcare insurance specialist will offer expertise in the field and talk employers through the various options available and ensure that there are no misunderstandings about the types of cover, the inclusions and exclusions and other ‘grey’ areas that typically cause errors.

By partnering with such a provider, construction employers can focus on the job at hand, whilst having peace of mind that their staff are being given accurate and relevant information about their private healthcare insurance options and alternative cash plans. It also helps you, the employers, to improve engagement and build your reputation for being a responsible employer which, in turn will help to support recruitment initiatives in the future.

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