Top Tips for a Healthy Workforce

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Article submitted by Mike Evans, PCH Consultant in Gloucestershire

In today’s workplace, employee wellness has moved high up the list of priorities.

Increasing numbers of businesses and employers are finding that by showing concern for the health and well-being of their team, both business and employees are reaping the rewards. According to research, a significant proportion of healthcare needs are related to avoidable causes such as personal lifestyle and dietary choices, and in turn these health problems can cause serious issues in the workplace – from absenteeism and pro-longed sick leave through to decreased productivity and morale.

There are things that can help to resolve this issue and keep a company’s most valuable asset – its staff – working as well and as healthily as possible.

Get Active

Encouraging sedentary office staff to move regularly can seem counterproductive, but numerous studies have shown that promoting physical activity amongst staff can help to increase their concentration and mood. Posters and other materials around the office environment might suggest walking to a colleague’s desk to ask a question rather than relying on internal emails, or to try to take a 10-minute walk during the lunch break. Some companies take these ideas even further by organising group taster sessions at local fitness or dance classes and making it a fun team activity.


Have a Clear Message

Posters and flyers can not only encourage lunchtime activities but could also be used to offer recipes, ideas and information to team members. In the lift, for example, a poster might talk about the benefits of taking the stairs if possible. In the lunch room, information could be offered about healthy dietary choices. A unified approach is important in helping staff to take notice of what is being said.

Healthy Choices

Good food selections are among the easiest transitions to make towards a healthier lifestyle. Liaising with the catering team in any staff canteen or minimising the high-calorie snacks in vending machines can help to support employees looking to take these steps. Fresh fruit could be provided once a week as a snack for locations which do not have canteens. Simply supplying drinking water can also help people to turn away from their sugary carbonated beverages and adopt a healthier lifestyle. On a smaller scale, using semi-skimmed or fully skimmed milk rather than whole milk in tea and coffee is an easily achievable step, as is swapping white bread for wholemeal.

Prioritising Wellbeing

One of the most important steps a company can take in looking after the health of the team is to ensure that everyone realises that well-being is a priority. A company that’s known to value the individual can generally rely on their team to work harder and more consistently, bringing great results for all parties.


For many people, health insurance offers a higher level of tailored healthcare. With the market becoming ever more competitive and the best individuals being hunted by numerous companies, the benefits offered by one company over another have started to become vital. Not only can health insurance options help to protect the wellbeing and productivity of existing team members, but they can also attract new talent too. Using an independent healthcare insurance specialist that you trust is key to finding the right options for businesses who value their employees and their health.


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