Virtual GP Appointments set to Shake up the Medical Insurance Industry

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Technology is changing the way the private medical insurance industry operates and the proliferation of mobile apps and online services are having a profound effect on how individuals expect their healthcare concerns to be handled.

Today’s workforce has come to expect almost immediate access to services and the same applies when it comes to their healthcare. The introduction of online services, like virtual GP appointments, which have been implemented to allow individuals face-to-face access to medical professionals over the Internet, are attracting a lot of attention.

The reduction in waiting times and overall streamlining of the entire member journey are being heralded as innovations in the industry and are likely to become an expected part of a health insurance policy going forward.

Claire Ginnelly, head of healthcare at Premier Choice Group, also welcomes the work insurers are doing with virtual GP:

“Regardless of whether the insurer will allow the GP to refer the client onto a Consultant (VitalityHealth) or offer this technology purely as a way of helping customers access medical information and advice (Simplyhealth) it is a good move in the market place. Generally speaking, I think insurers are looking at ways of interacting with the client more and using technology to do this.”

To find out more about how the private medical industry is being changed by the rise of mobile apps and technology, check out the full article on Health Insurance and Protection Daily.

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